Coaching Group

The Healthy + Happy Group Coaching Program is for people who:

  • Feel frustrated with their lives or relationships
  • Don’t feel connected to the significant people in their lives
  • Feel unimportant or even unsafe in their relationships
  • Tired of doing things that DON’T work
  • Feel emotionally and energetically bankrupt by all the demands on them
  • Don’t want the past weeks/months/years to repeat themselves forever

And people who want to:

  • Feel connected in 24 hrs or less
  • Solve problems effectively
  • Feel safe and understood
  • Gain ENERGY
  • KNOW that what they're doing will actually work
  • Actually WANT to be around their loved ones
  • Create lasting closeness
  • Get out of their own way

If you are ready to get in the game, this is your chance!

Join the Healthy + Happy Coaching Group TODAY!

Reserve one of just 15 spots in this powerful monthly coaching program,

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Why Group Coaching?

  • Over 50 clinical studies show that group work is just as effective as one-one-one work
  • Group synergy
  • Group camaraderie
  • Group accountability
  • Increased insight from other members of the group
  • Affordable group rates (Private coaching is valued at $650/hour)

Why Work With Dr. Denim Slade?


Dr. Slade has 25 years of experience and has successfully helped 1,000s of people to become Healthy and Happy. The information you will be getting is more than just opinion, the tools and education that you will take home are research based and proven to work. You’ll get your toughest questions answered so you have clarity and know what to do instead of guessing or being unsure.

What Does Healthy + Happy Group Coaching Include?

  • 1-1 ½ hr weekly group coaching session:
  • You will get solutions to your BIGGEST challenges fast so you experience relief, harmony and JOY in your life and relationships. You will learn from other Healthy + Happy members as they ask questions that you may not have thought of and will help give you even more solutions to have the best relationship.

  • Mastermind Facebook group:
  • This powerful community will support and inspire you! This is where you can connect with other Healthy + Happy members, ask questions, share wins, have accountability and guide each other along the way.

  • 1 SMS/Marco Polo support chat/week with Dr. Denim Slade:
  • Direct communication with Dr. Denim Slade. Privately ask your questions once every week! This will ensure your progress (and is only available to the first 15 members who join).

  • Healthy + Happy Course:
  • This is where you will gain the foundational knowledge, principles and tools taught exclusively in Dr. Denim Slade’s program to help you go from unhappy and disconnected to meaningful connections with your loved ones! In these 7 PRINCIPLES, you will learn why most relationships fail and how you can have the relationship you really want (a value of $247).

The Value of Getting Started


Register before September 5th to receive special 15% off discount

Regularly $450/mo

"My wife and I have been so impressed with Denim and the service he provides. We feel he is professional and caters to his audience and their specific needs and questions. We’d recommend him to anyone." -Cortney M.

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